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How to Change the Belt on a Hoover Steam Shampoo Vac

Meredith Jameson

The motor-shaft belt on a Hoover Steam Vac carpet-cleaning machine eventually can become cracked, split or damaged due to normal use and will need to be replaced. Replacement belts are available through the Hoover Company and only require a few steps to change. Always ensure the machine is unplugged before performing any maintenance tasks on it.

  1. Turn the steam cleaner over and locate the agitator brush on the bottom of the cleaner head. Remove the screws holding the brush in place and set the screws somewhere safe. Lift off the plate.

  2. Slide out the agitator brush and set aside. Take note of how the belt is placed over the pulley and motor shaft before removing the broken belt.

  3. Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws on the cover that goes over the height-adjustment knob and set the screws aside. Remove the screw under the red Hoover logo on the top of the cleaning head. Take the cover off the cleaning head.

  4. Loop the new belt through the gap and around the agitator brush cog, following the path of the original belt, located in the center of the compartment.

  5. Replace the agitator brush. Replace the height-adjustment cover and replace the screws on the cover and under the red logo on top of the cleaning head. Replace the cover on the agitator brush and return the screws to their original positions.