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How to Disassemble a Hoover Steam Vacuum

Kenneth Crawford

Owning a Hoover steam vacuum is one way keep your carpets and upholstery clean without having to rent equipment. Sometimes the steam vacuum remains in storage for long periods of time until it is necessary to deep clean the carpets. Before storing, disassemble the Hoover steam vacuum to empty the tanks and dry out the brush assembly. This helps to ensure proper operation once you need to use the steam vacuum the next time.

  1. Lift the tab on top of the upper tank and pull the tank away from the vacuum. The release tab is just below the base of the handle on the front of the Hoover steam vacuum. Rotate the cap on top of the tank counterclockwise and remove the cap. The tank is now ready for emptying and storage.

  2. Press on the foot release pedal on the rear of the steamer with your foot, and lower the handle fully. Raise the handle on the lower tank to the carrying position. The handle in this position unlocks the tank from the top of the Hoover steam vacuum. Lift the tank off the vacuum head.

  3. Rotate the handle on top of the tank toward the rear to unlock the lid. Lift the lid off the tank to empty and store the tank.

  4. Turn the Hoover steam vacuum upside down so that the cleaning brushes are facing you. Look for two screws near each end securing the retainer plate to the bottom of the steam cleaner. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift the plate away from the steam cleaner.

  5. Pull the brush assembly out of the steam cleaner enough to access the small tube connecting to the rear of the assembly. Pull the tube away from the nipple with your fingers, and remove the brush assembly completely away from the steam vacuum.