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How to Troubleshoot a Cleaning Light That Won't Quit Blinking on a GE 169165 Coffee Maker

Kittie McCoy

The GE 169165 Coffee Maker features a cleaning light on the control panel to indicate when your appliance requires cleaning. This light also serves as a reminder to change the charcoal filter in the coffee maker's water tank to ensure a fresh tasting pot of coffee each and every time you brew. While you can continue to use the coffee maker when the light is on or blinking, the light will remain on until the coffee maker's automatic cleaning cycle is completed.

  1. Open the water tank of your GE 169165 coffee maker and remove the charcoal filter from the tank.

  2. Fill the carafe of your coffee pot with equal amounts water and white vinegar.

  3. Press the cleaning light on the coffee maker and hold it down for three seconds. The cleaning light is also the button used to begin the automatic cleaning cycle on your coffee maker.

  4. Wait for the cleaning cycle to complete, which takes approximately 60 minutes. If the coffee maker is unplugged or turned off during this time, cleaning will start again when power is restored.

  5. Place a new charcoal filter inside the water tank of your coffee maker.

  6. Consult GE customer assistance or a repair technician if the cleaning light continues to blink.