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How to Take Apart the Dust Bin on a Dyson Vacuum

Shawn McClain

Dyson vacuum cleaners use a patented "cyclone" system to create suction for the vacuum and draw dirt and dust into a small, clear bin located on the front of the vacuum cleaner. You have to empty the bin from time to time, when the accumulated dirt reaches the top. Over time, this dust and dirt can accumulate on the inside of the bin and keeps the bin dirty, even after you empty it. When this happens, you'll have to separate the bin from the cyclone assembly in order to properly clean it.

  1. Press the "On/Off" switch near the top of the vacuum to turn the unit off. Unplug it from the power outlet.

  2. Grab the handle at the top of the dust bin and cyclone assembly. Pull out to remove the assembly. On some older Dyson models, you may have to press a release button near the bottom of the dust bin to remove the cyclone assembly.

  3. Hold the assembly over a garbage can and pull the trigger under the handle to empty the dust bin contents.

  4. Grab the handle near the top of the dust bin, where it connects to the cyclone assembly. Press the button located just above this handle to release the dust bin.

  5. Pull down to remove the dust bin from the cyclone assembly.

  6. Clean the dust bin according to the manufacturer's directions in the Dyson vacuum user's manual. After cleaning the dust bin, reconnect it to the cyclone assembly and replace the assembly in the vacuum.