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How the Military Clean a Room

Maggie O'Leary

Military barracks are normally made up of one large sleeping bay containing anywhere from 50 to 100 sleeping racks. When it's time to clean, the first step is for all assigned personnel to clean and organize personal spaces. This includes changing linens and making up the racks with military corners.

Personal Space

All personal gear should be stowed in lockers. Laundry bags will be hung at the end of each rack, but should not be overflowing with dirty laundry. Shoes and boots should be lined up neatly at the foot of each rack.


Next, the latrines must be cleaned. In the barracks, a latrine is located at the end of each squad bay, and contains around six toilets, ten showers and six sinks. The toilets, sinks and showers must be cleaned from top to bottom. The trash should be removed from the latrine and emptied in a dumpster outside. The floors should be swept and mopped with a clean mop, but not waxed.


Finally, the floors in the squad bay must be cleaned. The floors must be swept to eliminate all dust and dirt. Since the racks stretch from one end of the squad bay to the other, this can present a challenge. Personnel can choose to move all of the racks out of the way to sweep, or try to reach under them with a broom. They may also put the smallest member of the unit on a wool blanket and drag the person under the racks. This is a quick and easy way to get the floors clean. After the floors are swept, they must be mopped with a clean mop. Then a separate mop will be used to spread liquid wax across the floors. Once the wax is dry, members will take turns using an electric buffer to shine the floors.