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How to Clean Nike Spikes

Randall Shatto

Nike began in 1972 in Beaverton, Oregon. Now with locations all over the world, the Nike brand still has its main headquarters in Beaverton. Nike spike shoes come is several varieties, such as Nike Zoom JSC Track Spikes, Nike Men's Zoom HJ III Track and Nike Zoom Victory Spikes.

After a long day of running or playing sports, spikes can become muddy and caked with stuck-on gunk. It is important to clean Nike spikes and soles after every game or jog.

  1. Add warm water to a bowl. Check the temperature with your finger. Hot water can damage the spikes or soles of the shoes.

  2. Put a dab of hand soap on a toothbrush. Use an old toothbrush or purchase a new one to use for cleaning only. Any mild hand soap will work for cleaning spikes.

  3. Scrub the Nike spikes in a circular motion. Scour around the base of each spike. Repeat for all spikes on the bottom of the shoes. Remove any dirt, grass or stuck-on mud from the spikes.

  4. Add another drop of hand soap to the toothbrush. Scour the rest of the sole to get rid of any remaining dirt. If you do not wash the sole, dirt can transfer back onto the spikes.

  5. Dip the toothbrush into the bowl. Rinse with your finger and remove the soap residue from the Nike spikes and the sole of the shoe. Scrub the spikes in a circular motion, rinsing after each spike. Wash the soap off the sole in the same manner.

  6. Pat dry, from the toes to the heel of the shoe. Squeeze each spike between your fingers, using a dry, clean rag.

  7. Warning

    Do not put the shoes in the washer or dryer. Glue used in the construction of the shoes may melt or other damage may occur.