How to Kill a Cockroach Egg

Shara JJ Cooper

Cockroaches are insects that carry diseases and are difficult to eliminate from a home. Although the adults are somewhat easy to eliminate, the eggs still remain. Cockroaches procreate quickly, leaving up to 50 eggs a week per female cockroach.

Cockroaches love to hide in houses.

In order to stop an infestation, the eggs as well as the adults need to be handled. If cockroaches can't be controlled with home solutions, a professional may need to be called.

  1. Wash all items in hot water that is at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry them in a dryer. Make sure these items can tolerate high heat.

  2. Remove any items that are suspected of housing cockroach eggs and put them in a freezing location. Bag small items and put them in the freezer. Put large items in the garage in the winter. Leave the items in the cold for at least three days. Temperatures need to be below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Vacuum all remaining areas. Vacuuming does not kill eggs but it will remove them and is the best defense on items like carpet that can't be easily heated or frozen. Remove the vacuum bag and dispose of it once the vacuuming is completed.