How to Use Epsom Salt on Carpet for Fleas

Amanda Flanigan

If you have pets then then you may have fleas in your home at some point. These black or brown bloodsuckers can bite you, creating itchy bumps. If you don't remove the fleas quickly they will multiply in a matter of weeks and infest your home.

Fleas are commonly found in the fur of animals.

Not only do they live and breed in your pet’s fur, they also like living in your carpet too. Epsom salt will help eliminate these pests from your carpet.


Add diatomaceous earth and borax to the Epsom salt to kill adult fleas, larva and eggs.


Keep your pets out of the area while the salt is on the carpet. The salt can cause their paw pads to dry out.

  1. Remove small rugs placed on your carpet. Wash the rugs using the hottest water temperature allowed for the rug’s specific fabric.

  2. Vacuum the carpet to remove flea eggs from the carpet's fibers.

  3. Sprinkle Epsom salt liberally onto the carpet. Use a scrub brush or brush broom to work the salt into the fibers of the carpet.

  4. Leave the Epsom salt on the carpet overnight. The fleas will eat the salt, which will cause them to dehydrate and die. Epsom salt will only kill the adult fleas.

  5. Vacuum the Epsom salt off the carpet. Repeat the process every few days.