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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle Larvae

Brenda Barron

Dealing with any sort of pest in your home is by its nature a real nuisance. However, carpet beetles and their larvae add an extra dose of disgusting to the mix.

Keep carpet beetle larvae out of your home.

If you find carpet beetle larvae in your carpet, rugs, clothing, blankets, bedding, slippers or other soft materials, you'll likely want to get rid of them quickly. Thankfully, that's possible with just a bit of patience and elbow grease.

  1. Pick up everything from off your floors that the bugs may have also infested and wash them in warm soapy water. Vacuum the carpet completely, making sure to go over all surfaces at least twice. Vacuum any furniture and curtains that have come in contact with the floor.

  2. Rent a professional grade steam cleaner from your local market or hardware store. Clean the carpet completely with the steam cleaner. Treat the carpet once, allowing it to completely dry out. Clean the carpet once again in the same manner.

  3. Spread boric acid onto the carpet and fabric furniture. This will kill any living beetle larvae as well as prevent new ones from infesting again. Don't allow the boric acid to sit too long, as it will bleach the flooring. Vacuum the boric acid within two hours of application.