How to Get Rid of Carpet Mites

Wendy Rose Gould

Carpet mites, more commonly referred to as dust mites or straw itch mites, are tiny, microscopic bugs that dwell within your carpet, clothing, bedding and anywhere else they find refuge. It's important to remove carpet mites as soon as you notice them.

Carpet mites dwell in your carpet and other textiles.

If not tended to, mites can pose a problem in your home for you, your children, your pets and the structure of your home. While it's best to hire a professional for the removal of these creatures, it's possible to remove them yourself. The key is to be extremely thorough throughout your entire house in order to eliminate the dust mites completely.

  1. Vacuum your flooring with a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter. This type of filter prevents carpet mites from being redistributed throughout your home. Vacuum daily once you notice the infestation, and continue on a regular basis until symptoms go away. Once dust mites are gone, vacuum at least once ever two to three days.

  2. Maintain a level of low humidity in your home (less than 50 percent). Carpet mites thrive in moist areas. It's also smart to avoid carpet in areas that get wet, such as the bathroom, basement and kitchen.

  3. Remove carpeting if the problem doesn't desist. Sometimes it's impossible to get rid of carpet mites because of their size and their ability to procreate quickly. If your home still shows symptoms of infestation after you've taken the necessary steps, it may be best to get rid of your carpet and replace with hardwood, slate or tile flooring.

  4. Wash all bedding, drapes, cloth toys, rugs, clothing and other textiles in very hot water (approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit) with laundry detergent. Doing this should prevent carpet mites from re-entering your carpet. Repeat at least once every one to two weeks.