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How to Get Pepto Out of a Carpet

Constance Barker

When Pepto-Bismol spills on a carpet, it may induce the very indigestion it's known to fight. Instead of coating the lining of your stomach, it envelops carpet fibers with its creamy pink froth. Tackling the stain as soon as possible helps keep the pink spill from becoming a permanent fixture in your carpet.

With the right tools you can remove the Pepto stain and use it for its intended purpose, for your sour stomach.

  1. Moisten a white paper towel with warm water. Blot the Pepto stains gently with the paper towel. Do not aggressively rub the area as it only pushes the stain deeper into the carpet. Continue blotting until the Pepto stops lifting from the rug.

  2. Pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide onto the remaining Pepto stain. For a large stain, pour two capfuls of hydrogen peroxide over the affected area.

  3. Blot the Pepto and hydrogen peroxide from the carpet with a white cloth. Keep blotting until the entire stain disappears.

  4. Wet a clean white cloth with cool water. Rinse the affected area with the cloth by pressing it gently into the carpet, removing the hydrogen peroxide.

  5. Press towels into the wet carpet to absorb liquid and dry the flooring.

  6. Tip

    You may use club soda in place of the hydrogen peroxide. Test a hidden area of the carpet such as in a closet with the hydrogen peroxide or club soda to ensure it does not discolor the rug.