How to Empty a Shark Rechargeable Sweeper

William Pullman

Shark rechargeable sweepers are battery-powered cleaning devices used to pick up light dirt and debris from hard-surface floors and carpets. Dirt and debris is drawn into the sweeper with a rotating brush in the front of the nozzle.

The waste container that collects the dirt is much smaller than the containers and bags found on full-size vacuum cleaners, and needs to be emptied often to ensure proper operation.


Empty the dust cup after every use to ensure the sweeper works efficiently.

  1. Turn off the sweeper using the power pedal on the nozzle of the sweeper.

  2. Press the dust-cup release lever on the back of the nozzle and lift the handle to remove it from the nozzle. The dust cup is connected to the handle.

  3. Hold the dust cup over a waste receptacle and press the dust-cup release button on the middle of the handle.

  4. Close the dust cup by pressing on the bottom panel. You will hear a click when the panel is closed.

  5. Line the dust cup over the nozzle and press down until it snaps in place. The sweeper is ready for use again.