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My Hoover Platinum LiNX Cordless Vac Suddenly Stopped Working

Meredith Jameson

The Hoover LiNX cordless hand vacuum cleaner is a small vacuum designed for use in small spaces, such as stairs, cars, crevices and other areas that most standard vacuum cleaners cannot reach. The LiNX uses a rechargeable 18-volt lithium battery, comes with a limited warranty and should operate well with basic maintenance. If the device suddenly stops working, however, users may want to attempt some troubleshooting efforts prior to contacting Hoover for professional assistance.

  1. Turn off the Hoover and remove the battery. Pull up on the release lever on the end of the unit and pull the battery out gently. Set the battery on the included battery charger and allow the battery up to three hours to charge fully. Ensure that the battery charger is plugged in to a working power supply.

  2. Pull the brush roll forward from the unit and clean away any potential obstructions. Twist off the dirt cup from the front of the LiNX until it's unlocked and remove it. Empty the dirt cup over a waste bin.

  3. Pull the filter out from the dirt cup and rinse with cold water. Air-dry for 24 hours and then replace the filter into the dirt cup and the dirt cup housing back into the vacuum.

  4. Insert the fully charged battery into the end of the LiNX. The battery will latch into place.

  5. Turn the main power switch forward to the "I" position to turn the unit on.

  6. Contact Hoover if the LiNX continues to malfunction.