How to Know When the Swivel Sweeper Is Fully Charged?

Kathryn Hatter

The Swivel Sweeper, a cordless and lightweight floor cleaner, can effectively clean both carpeted and hard floor surfaces. With its rechargeable battery, your Swivel Sweeper should always be ready to use to clean up messes as they occur.

Follow the manufacturer instructions carefully so you will know when the Swivel Sweeper is fully charged. After proper charging, use the Swivel Sweeper to maintain clean floors.


As long as you charge the battery for a full eight hours and follow manufacturer instructions for battery charging carefully, you can expect the battery to power the Swivel Sweeper for between 30 and 45 minutes. Keep track of how long you use the sweeper and you will have a rough estimate of how much time remains on the battery charge.


To maintain the life of the battery, do not recharge the battery until it completely discharges. Although the manufacturer states that waiting for complete discharge is not mandatory, over time you may notice reduced battery life by not discharging the battery completely before recharging.

  1. Insert the battery charger into an electrical outlet. The arrow on the front of the charger should point up.

  2. Insert the rechargeable battery into the battery charger by pushing the battery down into the opening of the charger. The arrow on the battery should point down. Push the battery into the charger until you feel it click into place.

  3. Look at the front side of the battery charger to see if the red charging light is on. As long as the charging light is on, the battery is charging.

  4. Leave the battery charging in the battery charger for up to 24 hours. For the initial charging and times when the battery is completely dead, charging should take about eight hours. According to the Swivel Sweeper manual, eight hours is the longest the battery should need to charge, but you can leave the battery charging for up to 24 hours.

  5. Remove the battery from the battery charger after eight hours and the battery will have a full charge. Check the “on/off” switch to make sure the sweeper is off. Insert the battery into the battery compartment on the handle of the Swivel Sweeper until it clicks into position.

  6. Turn the Swivel Sweeper on by moving the switch on the front of the battery compartment to the “on” position.

  7. Use the swivel sweeper for up to 45 minutes of continuous vacuuming on one battery charge.