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My Jet 3 Power Chair Battery Won't Charge

Kenneth Crawford

The Jet 3 power chair by Pride Mobility is a comfortable, affordable and durable all-around power mobile chair. As with anything that runs with batteries, you will need to charge the Jet 3. The Jet 3 uses two 12-volt deep cycle batteries. You can charge the batteries using the onboard charging system or the portable charger. If your Jet 3 power chair battery will not charge, there are a few small things you can troubleshoot before purchasing new batteries.

Step 1

Check that the outlet that you are using for the battery charger is working. Plug a lamp or other small appliance into the outlet and see if the item works. If the outlet operates with a switch, check the switch to make sure it is in the “on” position.

Step 2

Turn off the controller power. The battery will not charge as long as the controller power is on. When using the onboard charger, the freewheel lever also must be in the engaged position.

Step 3

Lift up the seat and ensure that the battery connectors are secure. Sometimes a sudden jolt from stopping too quickly may cause one of the connectors to jar loose.

Step 4

Look at the position of the charger switch to ensure that it is operating. The switch has a “zero” and a dash mark. When charging the switch should be to the dash mark side. Look at the two LED lights on the charger. Both lights should be illuminating when charging; if they are not, check the connections at the chair. If the wires are connecting securely, replace the portable charger.