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Swivel Sweeper Battery Charging Instructions

William Pullman

Some messes in your home do not require lugging out a large vacuum cleaner to clean up. The Swivel Sweeper is a smaller vacuum cleaner good for cleaning up small messes on your floors. The battery in the Swivel Sweeper requires regular charging in order to use the device. Unlike similar devices, the Swivel Sweeper has a detachable battery you must remove when charging.

Step 1

Press in on the sides of the battery and pull up to remove it. The battery is connected to the "On/Off" switch on the handle. When you press in on the sides of the battery you release the tabs that hold it in place.

Step 2

Line up the arrow pointing down on the battery with the arrow pointing up on the battery charger and press the battery into the charger until it clicks into place.

Step 3

Plug the battery charger into an electrical outlet. The red indicator light on the battery charger will turn on, indicating that the battery is charging.

Step 4

Unplug the battery charger when the red indicator light turns off. Remove the battery from the charger by squeezing the sides of the battery and pulling up.