How to Reset a Scooba

Scott McMahon

The Scooba is a Floor Cleaning Robot that washes floors while sanitizing them of bacteria and other microbes. The Scooba runs on a rechargeable battery. The Scooba is not immune to mechanical or firmware problems. At times the device will lock up or its battery will refuse to charge.

If this occurs while the device is unattended, it may stay stuck and refuse to charge its battery. When this happens, you will need to reset the machine before it will be able to operate and recharge.

  1. Open the battery pocket at the base of the Scooba. Remove the battery from its location by gripping it, pushing the release button and rotating the battery upward.

  2. Press the power button found on the top of the Scooba for about 5 seconds. A red light will start flashing to indicate that the battery is not installed.

  3. Re-install the battery. Rotate your battery back into the battery slot. The yellow tabs of the battery should fit into the guide holes. The battery will click to indicate that it has snapped into place.

  4. Check to see where the Scooba resets. (This will be indicated by the device powering on and becoming operational.)

  5. Press the clean button located next to the power button for 5 seconds if the Scuba did not reset. The device will not operate if it determines it is in need of cleaning.