My Maytag Neptune Washer Won't Turn On

Jon Stefansson

The Neptune is a washing machine model from Maytag, an American-owned home appliance brand. If you have problems starting your Neptune washer you can follow some basic troubleshooting steps to try and resolve the problem yourself.

This approach can save you money if your washing machine is outside its manufacturer's warranty period. Most starting problems are related to the washer's power supply. Troubleshooting your Maytag Neptune will take roughly 10 minutes.


Contact Whirlpool, Maytag's parent company if problems persist. You may be entitled to free service if your washing machine is within its warranty period. Whirlpool can be reached on 888-4-MAYTAG (888-4-9824) in the United States.

  1. Examine the washing machine's power cable. Ensure it is firmly plugged into its special four-pronged 240 volt outlet and the outlet is switched on, if necessary.

  2. Check the washing machine's fuses or breakers. Most Maytag appliances require two active time-delay fuses to work properly. The washing machine may not switch on if one of the fuses has failed. Replace the fuses or reset the breakers and try your wash cycle again.

  3. Ensure the washing machine door is tightly closed. If the washer detects the door is open it will not start the wash cycle. Push the door until it clicks closed and try starting the washer again.

  4. Verify that a cycle selection. The washing machine needs you to input certain information about the clothes before the cycle can began. Press a cycle button on the control panel followed by the "Start/Pause" button.