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How to Unlock Door the Door on a GE Washer Model WBVH5100HWW

Shelby Winchell

The GE washer model number WBVH5100HWW includes an automatic lock feature. Whenever a load of laundry is washing, the door will lock. This prevents the cycle from being interrupted, or from someone opening and closing the door. You can easily unlock the door by pressing a few buttons on the control panel.

Some GE washers have automatically locking doors
  1. Press the "Start/Pause" button once on the washer. This button is located on the upper left-hand corner of the control panel. This will unlock the door in mid-cycle.

  2. Press the "Start/Pause" button again to restart the wash cycle and lock the door.

  3. Hold down the "Lock" button for three seconds to unlock the door if there are no clothes in the washer. The lock icon light will shut off once the door is unlocked.