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How to Correct a GE Dryer that Won't Spin

Chad Buleen

A GE dryer that does not turn on or won't spin usually is an indication that the dryer is not receiving sufficient power. The problem most likely can be attributed to an improper or faulty connection. GE recommends that dryer owners attempt these solutions in an attempt to correct the dryer's operation before calling to have the machine serviced.

  1. Press the dryer's plug firmly into an electrical wall outlet.

  2. Open your home's circuit breaker box and inspect the dryer's breaker switches. There should be two switches associated with the dryer. Both switches must be in the "On" position. If you had a power surge in your home, these switches could have flipped to the "Off" position.

  3. Press the "Start/Pause" button on the front display panel if it is flashing. A flashing light means that the pause button was pressed and the dryer will not spin until the button is pressed again.

  4. Push the "Lock" button for three seconds to unlock the dryer. When the "Lock" mode is enabled, the dryer will not respond to signals the display panel buttons send after pressing them.

  5. Select a new dry cycle if you remove clothing from the dryer and place new clothing inside it before a dry cycle completes. Once you remove clothing from the dryer in the middle of a cycle, the appliance automatically will not tumble after closing its door.