My Whirlpool Duet Has No Power

Andrew Todd

Whirlpool Duet washing machines and dryers are appliances intended for permanent installation in your home. Both appliances require a power supply, however electric dryers, as opposed to gas dryers, require a 220-volt connection. If your Whirlpool Duet washing machine or dryer does not have power, there are a few steps to determine the cause of the problem.

Check The Wall Outlet

Both your Whirlpool Duet washing machine and dryer have their own dedicated power cable, which must be plugged into the wall outlets behind the appliances at all times. After regular use, the vibration created during normal operation may be enough to pull the power cord out of the wall outlet. To examine the power cord, pull the washing machine or dryer away from the wall, then ensure that the cord is securely inserted into the wall outlet.

Check The Breaker Panel

One of the most common reasons for you Duet's power to be disrupted is a blown breaker in your service panel. The service panel is often located in your garage, laundry room or utility room, and is built into the wall. Use the breaker labels to locate the breaker to which the washer or dryer is connected. If the breaker is blown, a red piece will appear in the clear window beside the breaker. To reset the breaker, turn it to the "Off" position, then back to the "On" position.

Check The Central Control Unit

The central control unit is the brain of the Whirlpool Duet washing machine or dryer. When the washing machine or dryer is plugged in, the voltage will create an audible "click" on the board. To test the central control unit, unplug the washing machine or dryer and wait approximately thirty seconds. Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet, then listen for the "click," near the top of the dryer. If no click is heard, the central control unit may be bad.

Examine the Internal Connections

Unplug the dryer, then remove the three screws from the rear of the top panel. Lift the top panel up and off of the appliance, then examine the wire connectors on the central control unit. located on the right-side of the top of the appliance. Ensure that all connectors are securely connected.

Examine The Dryer's Terminal Block

Unplug the dryer, then remove the terminal block cover on the rear of the dryer, which is secured using screws. Examine the wire connections and ensure that the three wires are securely connected to the screws on the terminal block. Inspect the wires for signs of wear or damage, which could cause a power failure.