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What Year Was My Whirlpool Dryer Made?

Andrew Todd

Whirlpool assigns a serial number to every appliance that it manufactures, including every dryer that comes off of the assembly line. The serial number provides a wealth of information about the dryer's age as well as information about its place of manufacture. Rather than use a number to display the year in which the dryer was manufactured, Whirlpool uses letter codes that allow you to identify the year in which it was produced, which is then used to determine its age.

Locate the Serial Number Plate

The plate or sticker that contains the serial number on your Whirlpool dryer is on the dryer itself. Depending on the model of your dryer, the serial number might be situated on the door jamb, on the side of the cabinet or on the rear of the dryer.

Serial Number Plate Information

The serial number plate or sticker contains several pieces of information pertaining to your dryer. In addition to the serial number, the plate or sticker also contains the name of the manufacturer (Whirlpool), the dryer's model number, and often information pertaining to the location of assembly and the dryer's power requirements.

Serial Number Characters

As with all Whirlpool appliances, the second character in the serial number indicates the year in which the dryer was manufactured. If the second character is a number, the dryer was manufactured prior to 1990. If the second character is a letter, the dryer was manufactured after 1989. To determine the exact age of the dryer, visit the Appliance Repair Blog "Whirlpool Appliance Age Serial Number Decoder" and match the code to the age in the chart provided.

Determining the Age of Your Dryer

To determine the age of your Whirlpool dryer, subtract the current year from the year in which the dryer was manufactured. For example, in 2011, a Whirlpool dryer with a serial number beginning with "CR," which was manufactured in 2004, is seven years old.