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How to Troubleshoot a KitchenAid Dryer

Kittie McCoy

If your KitchenAid dryer is not working properly or refuses to start entirely, you may be able to diagnose and fix the problem yourself.

Strange noises, dryer vibration, loss of heat and no power are all common problems with simple solutions that KitchenAid describes in the troubleshooting section of your dryer's owner's manual. Save yourself the cost of a repair bill by ruling out these issues before you call for repair service.

  1. Check the door of the KitchenAid dryer to make sure that it is closed. The dryer will not run if the door is open.

  2. Press the start button of the dryer firmly and hold it down for one full second.

  3. Check the fuses or circuit breakers if the KitchenAid dryer will not run or does not heat. Replace any burnt out fuses or reset the circuit breakers. Start the dryer to see if the problem is resolved.

  4. Run your finger along the edge of the dryer drum -- the part of the dryer that holds clothes -- to look for any coins, buttons or other items that may be caught in this space. These items could cause unusual noises during operation.

  5. Clean out the lint screen of your KitchenAid dryer. A clogged lint screen can interfere with the dryer's operation and increase drying times.

  6. Check the dryer to make sure that it is level if it vibrates or makes unusual sounds. Make sure that the legs of the dryer are installed properly if it is not level.

  7. Turn the dryer on and let it run for five to 10 minutes. Place your hand over the exhaust vent of your dryer. You should feel warm hair exiting this port, if you do not, the vent is clogged and must be cleaned.

  8. Press and hold the start button after a power failure to restart your dryer if the display panel reads "PF." The dryer should now operate normally.


You will need to contact a repair specialist if you cannot remedy the problem or if the display panel on your KitchenAid dryer reads "E1," E2," or "E3." If your clothes are wrinkled after drying or do not become dry in a reasonable amount of time, try running smaller loads in the dryer.