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How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite HE3 Electric Dryer

Cameron Easey

Troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite HE3 electric dryer by first determining the type of problem that you have, then attempting to make corrections. Common problems that can occur with a Kenmore Elite HE3 electric dryer include strange sounds coming from the dryer, and the dryer not running.

Strange Sounds

  1. Turn on the dryer and let it run for a few minutes. If you've not used the dryer in some time, a thumping sound may be heard during the first few minutes after the unit is turned on.

  2. Open the door to the unit and look for any small objects, such as a coins or a paper clip, around the edges of the drum at the front and back.

  3. Place a level on top of the dryer and see if it is sitting level on the floor. If the dryer is not level, it can vibrate and make noise.

  4. Open the door and see if there are any clothes that have knotted up into a ball. Try separating the clothes to eliminate the vibration.

Dryer Does Not Run

  1. Open and close the door on the dryer, then press the Start button. The dryer will not start if the door is not completely closed.

  2. Press and hold the start button for 2 to 3 seconds. If you do not hold down the start button long enough, the dryer will fail to start.

  3. Check the circuit panel to see if there is a tripped circuit. If so, turn the circuit back on, then try to start the dryer again.


Check the electrical cord to make sure it is plugged into the wall outlet.