E1 Error on a Whirlpool Duet Dryer

Alan Donahue

Whirlpool dryers are equipped with safety tools to prevent fires and errors in the drying process. Along with the tools are a collection of error codes to report any malfunctioning parts or problems with the dryer. The E1 error code has to do with the dryer's thermistor and usually needs repair.


Look for the E1 error to appear as your dryer is in use. Once it appears, the dryer will beep five times and power down the current load. The error will flash and then appear frozen on the LCD screen. Other errors that may appear include E2 and PF.

Error Glitch

Sometimes errors appear by a glitch and can be quickly fixed. Unplug the dryer for seconds, and then plug it back in to reset the error code. If the code appears again, it is legitimate; if the error does not appear, there may have been a short glitch on the dryer and normal operation can resume.


The E1 error indicates that the thermistor has failed. The thermistor measures the temperature inside of the dryer to ensure that it runs properly and does not get too hot or too cold. When the E1 error appears, the thermistor has a damaged open circuit that causes it to become inoperable.


Review the warranty on your dryer to see if new parts and service are covered. Contact Whirlpool customer service to find out more information about your specific model and the new parts that are needed. Do not attempt to repair the part yourself if you are not familiar with these types of repairs.