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Frigidaire Front Load Washer Beeps Three Times and Won't Start

Meredith Jameson

If your Frigidaire front-load washer beeps three times and won't start, it could be a simple fix, like removing an obstruction from the door, or something more complex. An appliance repair professional can help diagnose the problem.

Frigidaire Front Load Washer Beeps Three Times and Won't Start

A Frigidaire front-load washing machine should operate well with little difficulty, but problems may occasionally arise, such as if the washer beeps three times but will not start. The beeping indicates an issue and may be accompanied by an error code. Troubleshooting such issues may help identify and resolve the problem.

    Check the Power

  1. Check to make sure the power cord is firmly plugged into the washer and a working, grounded power supply. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the local fuse if necessary. If the plug isn't working properly, the washer may not start.

  2. Connect the Water Supply

  3. Ensure the water faucets are turned on and a water supply is available. If no water is coming into the washer, it will not start. Tighten connections and ensure your home's water supply is turned on.

  4. Ensure the Door is Closed

  5. Open and close the washer door firmly. Check for any obstructions blocking the door from properly closing as this can cause the machine not to start and to beep. Once the door is firmly shut, try the washer. If the door is fully closed, it should work without issues.

  6. Should the beeping continue even when the door closes properly, it could be a door switch problem. You can replace the door switch or have a technician look at the unit. Also, try pressing the "Options" and "Start/Pause" button to clear the error code, if there is one, and restart the machine.

  7. Allow the Motor to Cool Down

  8. Turn off the machine. Allow the washer a minimum of 30 minutes to cool down, as this problem may indicate an issue with the motor overheating. If you don't manually turn off the washer, don't worry because the washer should automatically restart after 30 minutes.

  9. Contact a Professional

  10. Contact an authorized service technician if the problem is not resolved, as three consecutive beeps on a Frigidaire front load washer indicates a possible motor, drainage, door switch or control board issue. When the machine beeps, it should also display an error code on some models. You can use this error code to help diagnose the problem with a technician.

  11. Warning

    Avoid changing the wash cycle while the washer is in mid-cycle, as this will result in several beeps and the door locking. You may also see an error code. To change the wash cycle, simply press “Pause,” followed by the desired selection, then press “Start” to make changes after the washer has started a cycle. To properly stop a cycle, press “Cancel.”

    If you interrupt a spin cycle, the door will not release for up to three minutes. This is normal, so don't try to force the door open.