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Whirlpool Duet Error Code F71

Alan Donahue

The Whirlpool Duet series of washers comes with a set of built-in error codes so that owners and repair technicians can easily assess and fix problems. The "F71" code concerns the control interface and requires new parts.


The "F71" flashes on the LCD screen and loud beeps emit from the washer until you press the "Power" button. Remove the error from the screen by pressing "Stop" and "Start" on the washer at the same time.


The "F71" error means that the user interface has failed. None of the operations may work to power your washer, and the machine will not work.


Check to see whether the laundry drum to the washer moves. If it does move, then the user interface needs replacing. If the drum is locked and will not move, you need to replace the central control unit on the washer.


Both of the needed parts may be covered under your Whirlpool warranty. Check with Whirlpool's official website or contact customer service to learn more information about the error.