Error Code F51 on a Maytag Bravo

Alan Donahue

The "F51" error on Maytag Bravo washers can stop the washer from operating, is often a nuisance and may require new parts to fix the problem. The error also applies to other washer manufacturers.


After the washer stops, the "F51" error flashes on the LCD screen, and the washer beeps multiple times. Press the "Stop" button to stop the washer from beeping.


When the error occurs, it means that the rotor position sensor has a connection error. This connection error causes miscommunication between the sensor and the electronic control.


Open your washer and remove the sensor to clean any rust or buildup on it. This is a multistep, difficult process. If you do not have experience working on a washer, contact a local repair person or Maytag customer service.


The same error can occur on Whirlpool, Kenmore and Oasis washers. On other models, the rotor position sensor may be referred to as the motor position sensor.