Error Codes for LG Tromm Washing Machines

Jennifer Blair

Troubleshooting a washing machine can be difficult for homeowners who do not have much knowledge of appliance repair. For those who own an LG Tromm washing machine, however, the task is often easier because the washer is equipped with error codes that alert the user to potential problems with the appliance.

Close-up of a hand adjusting a dial on a washing machine

While there are quite a few to remember, becoming familiar with the error codes may help save you time the next time a problem develops.

1E and 0E

When an LG Tromm washer shows the "1E" error code in its display, the washer is not receiving an adequate water supply. In some cases, the water supply may not be turned on or the water inlet hose may be bent or kinked. In addition, a clog in the inlet hose filter may prevent an adequate supply of water from reaching the washer. The "0E" error code indicates that an LG Tromm washer’s drain hose has become bent or clogged. It may also indicate that there is a clog in the drain filter. Cleaning the drain hose or filter typically clears the error.


If an LG Tromm washer displays the "UE" error code, the washer's load may be too small or unbalanced. Adding a few similar items to the load or rearranging the pieces that are inside the washer may help clear the error. The "UE" error code appears when the washer runs its imbalance detection and correction system. Typically, this occurs if heavy items such as towels, bathrobes or coats are loaded into the washer, and the system cannot rebalance the load itself.


The "dE" error code indicates that the LG Tromm washer's door has not been properly closed. Closing the door firmly usually clears this error. If the error does not go away once the doors closed, a service technician should be consulted.

FE and PE

An "FE" error code appears when the LG Tromm washer has overflowed because of a problem with the water valve. Shut off the water supply valve and unplug the appliance. Consult a qualified service technician to examine the water valve. Similarly, the "PE" error code indicates that the LG Tromm washer's water level sensor is not operating properly. Turn off the water supply valve and unplug the washer. Call an authorized service technician to examine the sensor.

LE and PF

When the "LE" error code appears, an LG Tromm washer’s motor has been overloaded. Turn off the machine and wait approximately 30 minutes before trying to restart the cycle. If the washer's display continues to show the "LE" error code, contact a qualified service technician. The "PF" error code appears if an LG Tromm washer has experienced a power failure. To clear the error, simply restart the washer cycle.