My Frigidaire GLTF2940FS1 Does Not Spin With Error E59

Meredith Jameson

The Frigidaire GLTF2940FS1 is a tumble-action front load washing machine that has an electronic display panel to control cycle choices and monitor the cycle progress.

If an error code appears on the display, a problem has occurred that requires your attention in order to get the washing machine back to working order, such as a E59 error. When the E59 error code appears, the washing machine will not spin or continue working until the error is resolved.

E59 Error

The E59 error code on a Frigidaire washing machine means “no tacho signal for at least 3 seconds.” This means that the motor is not signaling to the washer normally and may be caused by a variety of failures within the motor, basket or the control board. Generally speaking, the E59 error requires the service of a Frigidaire professional for resolution due to the technical nature of the error.

Power Reset

Before you contact Frigidaire for service, try a basic power reset to the washing machine as this may be enough to restore normal function. Disconnect power to the washer and wait one minute, and restore the power. Make a wash cycle selection and allow the washer to proceed normally. If the E59 error code does not come back, the error code was fixed by resetting the washer.

Spin Basket Friction

One possible reason for the E59 error is excess friction in the tub during the spin cycle, which is usually caused by a bad bearing. Skilled owners may disconnect power to the washing machine and remove the screws holding the back panel in place and then lift off the panel. Access the washing machine belt and remove the belt from the housing and then try to spin the motor pulley. If the motor spins easily, try to spin the tub pulley. If the motor doesn’t spin easily, the motor needs to be replaced. If the tub doesn’t spin easily, the tub bearings need to be replaced. This diagnostic test and repair should be done by a professional in most instances.

Drive Motor

The drive motor may also be responsible for the E59 error. Again, competent owners may disconnect the drive motor plug and use an ohm meter to test the resistance between the 4 and 5 pins in the motor. If the ohm meter reads between 105 and 130 ohms, the speed control board likely needs to be replaced. If the ohm meter reads anything other than a range of 105 and 130 ohms, the motor should be replaced. Contact Frigidaire for assistance, as other potential problems include issues with the wiring or a failed tachometer. These issues also require professional repair.