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Frigidaire Washing Machine Will Not Stop Spinning

Christie Gross

A typical washing machine performs four basic cycles: fill, wash, drain and spin. Yet despite the washer’s relative functional simplicity a number of things can go awry and cause the machine to malfunction during normal use. A Frigidaire washing machine that won’t stop spinning is just one of them. Although a spinning issue might be frustrating, the problem is usually solvable.

Timer Won't Advance

One of the problems that can cause a Frigidaire washing machine to continually spin is a frozen timer. A properly operating timer should advance through each of the four main cycles of the washing process. If the washer gets stuck in any one cycle, including the spin cycle, check the timer to see whether or not it’s progressing. If the component isn’t advancing, it’s broken and should be replaced.

Drive Motor Malfunction

Although uncommon, a faulty drive motor can make a washer perpetually spin. A drive motor is what spins the drum in a circular motion at a high rate of speed to wring clothes of excess water. If the drive motor short circuits, the washer can spin continuously until you disconnect the machine from its main power supply and shut down the washer’s operation. Unfortunately, you usually can’t repair a bad drive motor; you must replace it.

Control Panel Mishap

Every Frigidaire washing machine has a control panel that allows you to select a washing cycle to run. The control panel advances the washer’s components to perform the cycle you’ve selected by transmitting signals across multiple wires. However, if a wire has come loose or corroded, a washer might get stuck carrying out an action, such as spinning. While most washing machines are designed to pause if the washer isn’t able to transition to the next cycle, sometimes the machine won’t pause, and instead it remains in the cycle until you stop the machine. Contact a washer repair technician to test the connectivity of the washer’s control panel. If the panel’s continuity seems abnormal, he’ll either try to repair the problem or to change out the panel.


Don’t wait to contact a washer repair technician to inspect the washer if your washer has spinning problems or displays other irregular behavior. Most Frigidaire washing machines are sold with a one-year warranty that covers major defects and the cost to repair them. However, after one year, you’ll solely be responsible for the costs to repair the washer. Depending on the nature of the issue, repair and replacement can be expensive.