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How to Repair a Dishwasher Timer


A dishwasher timer that is not functioning properly can throw the whole appliance off because it controls many of the system's operations and commands. The timer itself is a complex system and, if faulty, should be inspected by a professional repairman.

You can, however, conduct your own test and repair since the problem most commonly results from worn wiring. Work with a repair specialist if you need further assistance reconnecting the wiring.

How to Repair a Dishwasher Timer

  1. Remove the timer’s front panel by unscrewing its screws with a screwdriver (if need be). Once the cover is removed, locate the timer’s control panel, which sits behind the control knob.

  2. Disconnect only one of the timer's terminal wires. Set the VOM to the RX1 scale to test the timer, clipping one probe from the VOM to each terminal. Check to see if the meter reads zero. If it reads higher than zero, then the timer is defective and should be replaced.

  3. Purchase a new timer from an appliance repair shop. Remove the defective timer's wires from the switchboard and connect the new timer’s wires one by one. If the timer’s wires are causing friction problems, use long nose pliers to separate them. Use caution when using pliers. Never tug on wiring because it can interfere with the connection between the wire and the dishwasher’s clip.

  4. After re-connecting the wires, set the new timer by configuring it back to the factory’s original setting: zero. Replace all other components and knobs. Test the dishwasher's timer by running the washer for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

  5. If the timer is still not operating, then you should contact a professional service attendant for a repair solution. The dishwasher's owners manual can direct you to a specific department to contact the dishwasher's manufacturer or repair team.