F9 Errors on a Kenmore 959

The Kenmore 959 is an electric range and oven with a self-cleaning option, convection fan, door lock, indicator lights, removable storage drawer and oven door, broiler pan and electronic control panel.

Door Latch

The range is sold through Sears department stores, as well as online and in other appliance or department stores, and should work well with standard cleaning, care and maintenance. If an "F9" error code appears on the display, there are a few possible causes.

The door latch may be defective if "F9" appears on the control panel. While it is likely that this is an electrical problem that will require professional assistance, clean the door latch with a clean, damp cloth and then dry it with a towel to remove any debris that may be preventing the latch from closing correctly.

Control Panel

There may be a problem with the control panel on the Kenmore oven if "F9" appears on the display. Press "Stop/Cancel" twice and attempt to reprogram the oven. If this does not work or the error code returns, turn off the oven and contact a professional for repair assistance, as the control board may be damaged or broken.


Another possible reason for an "F9" error code on the Kenmore oven is a problem with the oven wiring. This is not something that most owners can fix. Turn off and disconnect the range from the power source and contact a service professional for assistance.

Clock Assembly (ERC)

The clock assembly may also be to blame for the "F9" error code. Reset the oven by pressing "Stop/Cancel" twice, and then turning off and unplugging the oven. Wait several minutes before restoring power and selecting a new oven program. If the error code comes back, turn off the oven and contact a service professional.

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