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F-1 Error Code on a General Electric Electric Oven Display

Alan Donahue

GE Electric ovens come with built-in error codes so that consumers can assess problems and the oven can be operational again. The "F1" error code is easily fixable but requires new parts.


The "F1" error appears when the "Electronic Range Control" fails on your oven. The ERC is the LCD display and buttons used to set timers and temperatures.


This error will render your oven unusable because none of the buttons can be selected. If the oven is on, the power will automatically be cut off, but you should still unplug your oven to make sure it does not turn on.


Replace the ERC with a new part. There are two parts you can order, either WB27K5040 or WB27K5123, depending on your GE model number. Contact a repair technician or service center to find the right part.


The error can also appear as an "F0" error code on the oven LCD. Both codes mean the same thing and the ERC needs to be replaced.