How to Fix a Kitchenaid Oven Door Hinge

The door on your Kitchenaid oven opens and closes via two hinges on the bottom corners of the door. If these hinges become loose or separated, the door won't open properly. This is a problem that can affect the entire oven, as you can't cook when the door isn't completely closed.

Your oven will function properly with working hinges.

What many people don't know is that hinge issues on ovens can be solved relatively quickly.

  1. Power off your oven and open the door. Locate the metal locking tabs at the rear of the hinges.

  2. Lift the locking tabs up so they connect to the groove at the rear of the hinges.

  3. Close the oven door and lift it up by the handle to remove the door from the oven. Place the oven door on a sturdy work surface.

  4. Remove all screws on the rear panel of the oven door. Remove the panel to expose the hinge.

  5. Tighten any loose screws on the hinges with your screwdriver. If the hinge is damaged beyond repair you can remove the hinge entirely and fit a new one in its place.

  6. Replace the oven door panel and screws.

  7. Press the locking tab over the hinges firmly with the handle of your screwdriver to release the tab from the hinges.

  8. Fit the door back over the oven so that the hinges lock in place.