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How to Replace an Amana Oven Door Hinge

Andrew Todd

Amana oven doors connect to the oven using two hinges located at the bottom of the oven. If too much weight is applied to the door when it is in the open position, the door hinges will become strained and will break. When a door hinge breaks, it will become very difficult to open and close the oven door. To ensure a proper seal, as well as restore ease to opening and closing the oven door, you must replace a broken hinge prior to using the oven.

  1. Unplug the oven from the wall outlet, or turn off the breaker in your fuse box.

  2. Open the oven door. Flip down the hinge latches located on the top of the hinges.

  3. Close the door half way. Lift the door off of the oven and set it down on a solid, flat surface.

  4. Remove the two screws at the top of the inside panel securing the oven door handle, as well as the screws on the bottom of the door that secure the outer door panel.

  5. Lift the inner door panel out of the outer frame.

  6. Remove the screws securing the hinge. Lift the inner frame and remove the hinge.

  7. Insert the new hinge into the inner door panel. Secure it using the screws removed from the old hinge.

  8. Place the inner frame back into the outer frame. Replace the screws that were removed from the door handle and bottom of the door.

  9. Align the door hinges with the hinge brackets. Reinstall the door. Open the door and push the hinge locks back up to lock the door into place.

  10. Restore power to the oven to complete the door hinge replacement.