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How to Clean a Black & Decker Toaster Oven Door

M.H. Dyer

Black & Decker toaster ovens are handy kitchen appliances that can aid food preparation while conserving energy and saving space on your kitchen counter. Although often used to prepare a quick, hot snack, you can also use your toaster oven to reheat leftovers, warm up bread or biscuits, or even make a meal for one person. On a hot day, your Black & Decker won't raise the temperature in your kitchen. Although the oven door can take a beating, regular cleaning will keep your Black & Decker toaster oven, and the door, looking great.

  1. Unplug your Black & Decker toaster oven before you clean any part of the appliance. If you just used the toaster oven, allow the appliance to cool completely before cleaning.

  2. Add 3 to 4 drops of liquid dish detergent to a bowl or basin filled with warm water. Dip a nylon dish scrubber or a cloth into the soap water and use the soapy nylon scrubber or cloth to clean the door. Use a detergent that contains a degreaser if the oven door is greasy or badly soiled.

  3. Remove the soapy water and any remaining grime with a damp cloth and clear water.

  4. Wipe the toaster oven door with a soft, dry cloth or paper towel. Don't use your Black & Decker toaster oven until the appliance is completely dry.