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Whirlpool Gold E1 F5 Error Message

Alan Donahue

The Whirlpool Gold series is a collection of washers, dryers, dishwashers and ovens that have higher standards and more advanced features than standard Whirlpool products. Four-character error codes identify problems with ovens in Whirlpool's gold series.


Different Whirlpool Gold models display error codes in different orders, but they mean the same thing. On your oven you will see either "E1 F5" or "F5 E1." Both errors address the same problem.


The "E1 F5" error code is a door switch malfunction. This may display if the door is not shut properly, if it is jammed or if the spring-loaded mechanism has broken.


Try opening the oven door and shutting it while putting pressure on the center of the switch until you hear a click. Jiggle the latch to try and reposition it so that it shuts properly. Examine the latch to make sure it is properly attached.


If none of those methods remove the error, you may need to replace the door latch. Visit the Whirlpool customer service website to find the correct part you need.