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How to Repair a Dryer Door Latch on a Whirlpool Cabrio

James Clark

The door on a Whirlpool Cabrio clothes dryer shuts securely with a simple metal striker that interlocks with a nylon latch in the door frame. This prevents the door from opening while the appliance is in use. Opening the door automatically shuts off the Cabrio. If the striker is bent, the door may not close properly. If the latch is chipped or broken, it must be replaced. These two parts are sold together at appliance stores, or you can order them from many online companies.

Step 1

Open the Cabrio door to inspect the metal striker on the back of the door. Check the latch mechanism built into the door frame to determine if it is cracked or broken.

Step 2

Bend the striker as straight as possible with the pliers if the striker is bent at an angle. This part should be perpendicular to the door, but can become bent if snagged on laundry. If the striker or latch is broken, continue troubleshooting.

Step 3

Pull out the old striker with the pliers from the back side of the door. Pinch the ends of the new striker together and insert the part in the door's mounting hole. Releasing the striker causes it to spring open securely in the door.

Step 4

Grab the latch in the door frame with pliers and pull it out of the socket in the cabinet. Place the new latch in the socket with the open side of the latch facing forward. Push it into the socket to lock it in place.

Step 5

Close the Whirlpool Cabrio door.