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How to Replace the Door Latch on a Bosch Axxis Dryer

James Clark

The Bosch Axxis is an electric clothes dryer with a latching door mechanism and kill switch to stop the appliance when the door is opened. The latch on the back of the door locks into a catch on the door frame. Both parts are made of a plastic material that can bend or crack over time and with repeated use. Replacing the latch on the Bosch takes less than 15 minutes. Buy the replacement latch kit from Bosch or an appliance repair shop.

Step 1

Open the Bosch door to inspect the back side where the latch is located.

Step 2

Pull off the old part with needle nose pliers. The latch snaps out of the mounting hole.

Step 3

Remove the catch in the Bosch door frame, pulling out the rectangular part with the pliers.

Step 4

Align the new latch over the opening on the back of the door in the same orientation as the old part and push in to snap it in place.

Step 5

Press the new catch into the opening on the door frame.