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How do I Remove Screens From American Craftsman Windows?

Alexander Callos

American Craftsman windows are very common. They specialize in vinyl windows and offer them in replacement and new construction. These windows come equipped with a half screen made specifically for this manufacturer. Over time, these window screens will suffer damage and cuts. They will almost certainly need to be replaced during the windows's lifetime. The first step toward replacing these window screens is removing them. This is a job most homeowners can handle in no time.

  1. Unlock the window and slide it so it is completely open. Look at the screen to verify that it is damaged and not working properly. Determine whether the screen can be fixed or if it must be completely removed.

  2. Inspect the screen and check to see how it is installed. Locate the screen tabs which are common on all American Craftsman screens. Check and make sure the tabs are in good shape and not broken off anywhere.

  3. Pull out on the screen tab on the lower-left corner of the screen with your left index finger. Insert a flat-head screwdriver if necessary to hold it in place. Press your right thumb gently on the upper-right side of the screen frame and carefully push the screen into the frame recess.

  4. Grab the upper-left part of the screen and gently remove the screen from the opening. Clean the area around the window where the screen was located. Rub it down with a clean rag to remove any dirt and residue.