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How to Install Jeld Wen Window Screens

Elizabeth Falwell

Jeld Wen is a company that manufacturers windows, doors and insect screens. The company's standard insect screen is made from fiberglass mesh with an aluminum frame. Your purchase of a Jeld Wen window screen should come with all hardware required for installation, making it an easy project for do-it-yourselfers.

  1. Measure your Jeld Wen screen to be sure it will fit into your window. The dimensions for the screen should be clearly labeled on the product's packaging. Use a tape measure to check the dimensions of the window onto which the screen will be installed; the screen and its frame should be the same size as the window, measured from sill to sill.

  2. Open the packaging on your Jeld Wen screen; be careful if you use a knife or razor to open the packaging, as this could damage the screen inside. Once you remove the screen, check it for any rips or tears. Inspect the screen's frame as well for any dings or dents. Return a damaged product to the point of purchase.

  3. Look for the screws on the frame of your Jeld Wen screen. Most Jeld Wen screens will have one screw on each side of the frame and two screws on top for a total of four screws (larger screens may have more screws for additional support).

  4. Line up the screws on your Jeld Wen screen with the corresponding holes in your Jeld Wen window frame. If you are not installing your screen into a Jeld Wen window, the window frame may not have holes in the right locations to accommodate the screws from the Jeld Wen screen. In this case, you'll need to drill these holes yourself.

  5. Line up the screen inside the window. Use a pencil to mark where the screws line up with the window frame. Remove the screen.

  6. Use an electric drill to drill holes for the screen's screws. Make sure you drill all the holes at the same depth inside the window frame; for example, if you drill the first hole 1 inch from the frame's outside edge, you need to drill all the holes 1 inch from the frame's outside edge.

  7. Place the Jeld Wen window screen back into the window frame. Whether you have a Jeld Wen window or not, you should now have four holes that match up with where the screws are located on the screen's frame. Use a screwdriver to insert the screws into the proper holes. Make sure the screws are tight, but not so tight that you cannot loosen and remove them in case of future repairs or replacements.