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How to Install Security Bars On Your Windows

How to Install Security Bars On Your Windows. Since they are often out of a neighbor's view or hidden by bushes or shrubs, basement windows make an easy point of entry for burglars.

Replacing standard window glass with unbreakable polycarbonate (Plexiglas), cutting back shrubs and having strong latches on the windows will help prevent entry. However, the best way to prevent a break-in in to install security bars (burglar bars) on your basement windows.

  1. Consider what you want your security bars to look like. You can get custom-made security bars/grills or opt for adjustable grills available at your hardware or home store.

  2. Determine where you want to place your security bars. You likely want to be able to open your windows, so, if your basement window opens inward, place the bars between the screen and the window. If your window slides you could put the bars on the inside of the window and still be able to open it.

  3. Measure your window opening and get the appropriate sized bars or security grills. Place your security bars in the window opening and mark where the fastening screws will go. Drill holes in the window frame for installation of the bars.

  4. Install the security bars. Use long screws to be sure the screws go all the way into the window framing (not just the casing).

  5. Tip

    For an extra level of security you can use security screws or one way screws to install your security bars. These screws are designed to go in just like a regular screw, but because of their unique head design, they can't be removed. Installing permanent steel bars over your windows will provide protection against intrusion. However, you can't remove steel bars quickly so they can be a hazard themselves since they can trap people inside a house.


    Remember, any security bars/grills over your windows will not only keep people out, they will also keep people in. You need to be able to open the bars easily. Underwriter's Laboratory has developed standards for window bar releasing systems.