How to Hang a Rod for a Window Scarf

Sarah Bradburn

Window scarves are a quick and easy way to add softness and visual interest to a window. Virtually any type of fabric can be used for this application; however, upholstery-weight fabrics are not recommended as they are typically too heavy to be used for window treatments.

Window Scarf Valance

With some beautiful fabric and a few inexpensive supplies, you can install rods for window scarves in just a few simple steps.


If your curtain rod is longer than 4 feet be sure to install a center support bracket. One should be included with the rod itself but if not, consider purchasing one. Unless there is a stud for the bracket screws to be drilled into, wall anchors are a MUST. Neglecting to anchor the brackets securely to the wall could cause them to rip right out once the fabric is placed on the rod.

  1. Measure for the mounting bracket to be placed on the right side of the window by making a pencil mark 2 inches out and 4 inches above the frame of the window.

  2. Place the bottom left corner of the mounting bracket on the mark you just made and use a pencil to mark the location of the screw holes.

  3. Use a stud finder to determine if there is a stud where the bracket will be located. If there is a stud, use the electric drill to make holes on the pencil marks. If there is no stud, drill holes for the wall anchors on the pencil marks and install the wall anchors.

  4. Line up the mounting bracket over the holes or wall anchors, insert the screws through the bracket and use the electric drill to attach the bracket to the wall.

  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 on the opposite side of the window, using the level to ensure that the brackets line up evenly with one another.

  6. Place drapery rod in the brackets and drape your scarf over the rod decoratively.