How to Install Universal Mount Brackets for Roller Shades

Elizabeth Knoll

Roller shades are mounted over windows to help keep sunlight out of the room. They use a rotating bracket to raise and lower the shade and are mounted to the window frame using two brackets. These brackets generally are the same for every brand of roller, making them universal.

Installation of these brackets is simple and requires very few tools.


Brackets can be mounted in three different configurations: on the inside, outside or ceiling of the window frame. However you mount the brackets, the process is the same.

  1. Unroll the window shade so that approximately 2 inches of shade is hanging down. Hold the shade so that it unrolls from the back.

  2. Push the bracket with the plus sign in the center of it over the end of the shade with the tab. Lift the shade up to the window opening. Use a pencil to mark the bottom and outer edge of the bracket.

  3. Lower the shade from the window and remove the bracket from its end. Hold the bracket up to the markings, lining up the bottom and side with the pencil marks. Mark the location of the bracket's screw holes onto the window trim and set the bracket aside.

  4. Drill pilot holes through the marks with a 1/8-inch drill bit. Line up the holes in the bracket with the pilot holes and secure the bracket in place with the supplied screws.

  5. Place the other bracket on the opposite end of the shade. This end of the shade will have a pin on it and the hole in the center of the bracket goes over this pin. Lift the shade up to the window and mount the other end of the shade onto the installed bracket.

  6. Position the bracket on the window trim so that the loose end of the shade is hanging evenly. If you are unsure, lay a level across the top of the shade. Trace along the bottom and side of the bracket, and remove the shade and bracket from the window.

  7. Lift the bracket up to the window trim and align the bottom and side edges with the marks. Mark the screw hole locations and drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through the marks. Place the bracket back onto the window trim and secure it in place with the supplied screws.