How to Reuse Roller Shades With Fabric

Jonah Morrissey

If you love the simplicity of roller shades, but hate their bland beige or white color, transform them with your favorite fabric. Reuse the basic parts of your old roller shade to create a new and improved fabric roller shade.

Turn old roller shades into stylish new window treatments with fabric.

Don't panic if you are not skilled in the sewing department, because this is a no sew project. A little patience, preparation and the right materials will have you making shades that just might be the envy of all your friends. Coordinate the fabric on your shades with accent pillows to give your room a designer look.


Select a fabric that complements the accent colors within your room.


Wear eye protection when operating a staple gun. Be careful when working with a hot iron.

  1. Remove the roller shade from the window by lifting it off the mounting brackets. Unroll the shade and pull the shade material off of the shade barrel. Mark the direction the shade rolls on the barrel with a pen. Slide the wooden slat out from the bottom of the shade. Set aside the barrel and slat.

  2. Measure the dimensions of the shade material with a tape measure. Lay out the fabric and iron-on interfacing on a work surface. Add 2 inches to the width and 3 inches to the length of the shade material and cut the fabric and iron-on interfacing to those dimensions. Use scissors and a t-square to cut the fabric.

  3. Lay the fabric good side down on a work surface. Lay the interfacing with the adhesive side down over the fabric. Align the edges. Place the material on an ironing board and iron the interfacing to adhere it to the back of the fabric, creating the new fabric shade material. Turn over the assembled shade material and iron the good side of the fabric.

  4. Measure the width of the shade barrel. Measure and mark the width of the shade barrel onto the shade material, vertically down the side using a pen and t-square. Apply seam sealant to the marked lines on the shade material with the included applicator. Allow the sealant to dry. Cut the shade material to the marked width along the pen lines using scissors. The shade material should now be the width of the shade barrel.

  5. Lay the shade material with the fabric side up. Staple the top end of the shade material to the shade barrel with a staple gun equipped with 1/4-inch staples. The marked direction of the shade barrel points up. Staple along the edge every 1/2 inch.

  6. Fold over the bottom end to create a 3/4-inch hem. Fold over the hem to create the loop for the wooden slat. Make the hem loop the same size as the one in the shade material that you removed. Lay a strip of no-sew tape between the hem and the shade material. Iron along the seam to adhere the loop to the shade material. Slide the wooden slat into the loop.

  7. Roll up the shade, align it over the mounting brackets and slide it into place.