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How to Hang Valances

A window valance is a relatively easy way to add interest to your windows. They come in all shapes and styles so you will want to decide on a shape that suits the size and feel of the room you are decorating. You can hang a valance by itself, or with shades or with curtains for an elegant look.

Valances can add extra pizzazz to a room.
  1. Determine the height at which you want to hang the valance.

  2. Measure the distance from the desired height to the floor.

  3. Mark off on the wall where each bracket will be mounted on either side of the window frame, based on the measurement of step 2.

  4. Screw each bracket onto the wall using a drill.

  5. Attach the valance to the brackets.

  6. Spread the valance's fabric out so that it evenly covers the rod.

  7. Tip

    Cover no more than the top 1/3 of the window with a valance. Before fully installing the mounting brackets, check that both are level. To help determine the best height, have a friend hold the rod above the window while you stand back and take a look.