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How to Roll Up Bamboo Blinds

Melody Dawn

Bamboo shades are an inexpensive way to add window treatments to your windows. They vary in color due to the tendency of the wood. They are made from strips of bamboo that are held together with heavy string.

Bamboo blinds come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your windows.

Bamboo shades can be rolled up to let light into a room or rolled down for privacy or to provide shade to a room. They are very easy to operate once they have been installed on your windows.

  1. Position the tension cords so they fall beneath the bottom edge of the bamboo blinds. The tension cords are located on both sides of the blinds and are used to roll the blinds up.

  2. Fold the bottom edge of the blind over so that the roll faces the inside of the room. Start the roll so that the blinds are rolling evenly across, or parallel to the floor, in a tight roll.

  3. Tug on the pull cord downward to tighten the tension cords up to the edge of the blinds where you began the roll. Continue pulling down to roll the blinds up to the desired height.

  4. Pull the cord to the right to engage the locking mechanism to keep the blinds in place. Pull the cord to the left to release the lock so you can raise or lower the blinds when needed.