How to Close Venetian Blinds

S.F. Heron

Venetian blinds are comprised of horizontal slats of varying materials that connect with strips of cloth or strings. These horizontal slats form a ladder-like covering that blocks or allows light through a window or door. They are commonly made of thin aluminum or plastic although wood or bamboo is also used.

Learn how to properly close Venetian blinds to ensure long-lasting use.

Venetian blinds typically are sized to 50 mm and feature a string pull that pulls the horizontal slats together to the top of the window to allow complete access. Closing venetian blinds properly will save your window treatment investment and keep from damaging your blinds.

  1. Locate the string with a tab or plastic ball on the end positioned at the top on the right side of the blinds. This string attaches to each individual slat and contains a trigger at the top to prevent the string from unraveling completely. This trigger also allows you to adjust the amount of available light entering a room. Pulling this string completely stacks the horizontal slats to allow complete access to the window.

  2. Observe the upper left side of your blinds. A plastic, metal or wooden dowel attached to a plastic spindle rotates the horizontal slats 180 degrees. The dowel is usually about 10 inches long and is color coordinated with your blinds.

  3. Pull the length of the string across the front of the blinds to the left to release the trigger and lower the slats until they extend to the bottom of the windowsill. This string allows you to raise and lower the blinds to your preference. Always make sure the slats are in a uniform position. Some blinds require users to pull to the right to release the hold mechanism on the string. You can raise or lower Venetian blinds using the string regardless of whether the slats are flat or spaced as long as all slats are positioned the same.

  4. Adjust all horizontal slats to identical positions until all slats are lying flat. Make sure each slat is flat and uniform with all other slats at the same angle. This will allow for uniform opening and closing of the Venetian blinds without bending or damaging the slats.

  5. Close the blinds by twisting the hanging dowel rod to close the venetian blinds completely. This will block all light from entering the window.