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How to Remove Pleated Blinds From a Window Frame

Lee Foster

If you're moving or redecorating, you may need to remove your pleated blinds from a window frame. You can remove the blinds and reinstall them in another window. You may decide you don't like the outside mount and decide to reinstall the blinds on the same window using an inside mount. While the task requires some concentration and effort, most people can accomplish it. Make sure you understand all of the directions before beginning.

You can use a screw driver to remove pleated blinds.
  1. Raise the blinds as far up as they can go. If they are broken, you may need someone to hold them up. Try tying the blinds to the headrail using the cord if you are working alone.

  2. Insert the screwdriver into the pop lock part of the bracket. The brackets hold the headrail and are mounted to the wall. You'll find the pop lock in the inside corner of the bracket.

  3. Push the screwdriver in and twist until the bracket releases the headrail. This may take some force and effort.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on each bracket. Most pleated blinds have at least two brackets, one on each end. Some blinds have more brackets. You may need someone to hold the blinds while you do this.

  5. Remove the screws in the brackets using the drill. If you prefer, you can also use the screwdriver to remove the screws in the brackets.

  6. Take down the screws and brackets. A resealable plastic bag works well to hold these small items so you don't lose them or so small children and pets don't put them in their mouths.

  7. Patch the holes using putty. If you're going to install different blinds, you may be able to use the same holes. In that case, leave the holes.